eat your own dogfood….

Eating your own dog food, also called dogfooding, is when a company (usually, a company) uses the products that it makes.

It sounds so easy, create an minimum viable product (MVP) and then release!
I often try to explain to the developers on my team that it is essential to keep the first software release as small as possible an give it to the client to get feedback! Its not scary to give your client a piece of software that doesn’t have ALL the things YOU think they need..

Two days ago I started to create a website for my new coaching and training company. All these  features that should be on it, it would take at least two weekends to do that.
Last week I started reading ‘The lean startup’ by Eric Reis. That book gives good examples of what happens if you wait too long to ask for feedback…. Then I remembered my own advise to our developers, create an MVP and release! Yesterday I decided that I was long past my MVP. Just one page with my (company)name, address and an what it is I have to offer would have been enough to do my first experiment and test my leap of faith question.

Eat your own dogfood, lead by example…We all need to keep learning.
It was a bit scary, but nothing bad happend. I just got lots of good feedback to start improving my site!! Thanks to everyone that gave me the gift of feedback!

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