Learning by using what you ‘already know’s

One of keys to success in Agile software development is the ability to learn and embrace change in order to deliver value. This applies to both teams and individuals in that team.
In the solution focused approach we like to use resources we already have as a basis for learning and getting better at what we are doing.

Should be easy to combine these two…..

How do we find these resources? Say we have a problem and we don’t know how to solve it. Instead of looking for the cause of the problem we go looking for solutions.
The problem usually isn’t there all the time and even if it is there are times it is a bit better. Or there may have been situations where we have solved similar problems.
Often we ourselves have the knowledge to find a solution but just can’t get to it.

We can find our resources by asking questions like:
-When are things better
-What is better at those moments?
-What did I do last time?
-How did you manage to do that?

The answer can lead you to a first step in solving our problem en getting closer to our goal. I have seen this work, both for myself en with other people. It gives a real kick to see that someone only has to ask you the right questions for you to find out your solution! Besides, it is much more satisfying to implement a plan that is your own than doing what someone else told you to do!

You can ask yourself these questions or ask a (scrum) coach to help you on your way. In agile teams, team members can help each other finding the (team) resources. It would be interesting to hear what you and your team have learned by using your resources!

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